Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cooks still on the sizzle in ACT

The Australian Capital Territory has released its new skills list today which may be an indication of things to come in the State/Territory plan they are submitting to the Immigration Minister for approval as part of the revamped skilled visa priorities. Engineering and Health are industries that feature highly on the list along with Information Technology professions. Trades in the construction, automotive, horticulture and electrical industries also feature as do chefs, cooks, pastry chefs, bakers and butchers. If these occupations are in the ACT's plan submitted to the Minister there may still be hope for those who are not in a position to lodge a permanent skilled visa application before mid 2010 and are not expecting to see their nominated occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List due to commence at that time. State or Territory Government Sponsorship may yet provide a window of opportunity to those feeling a little down in the dumps since the Minister announced the pending skilled visa changes on 8 February this year. Amanda Kirkpatrick